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Monday, June 21, 2010

just wheat

There is a Moshel (parable) about a man that use to live in a village up in the mountains, isolated from the rest of the world. This village was really blessed with a lot of wheat, but people use to eat the wheat just as it was on the field because they didn't know how to prepare it. The man that lived in this village is forced by circumstances to go to a different village, and when he gets there he sees the people eating bread. He doesn't know what bread is so he asks one of the villagers 'what is this?' the villager answered 'well, it's bread, don't you know what bread is?' the man answers 'no', so the villagers gives him a piece of bread to taste it. The man is amazed ' this tastes really good, what is it made of?' The villager answers 'from wheat, mixed with water, and salt and yeast, then it's cooked in the oven.' The man is in shock. Then he is offered a piece of cake and when he hears that again the main ingredient is wheat he shouts with joy 'surely I am the master of all these for I have the main ingredient which is wheat'.

Some people know the basics of the Scriptures, or only the main ingredient and they feel superior to all the rest that 'break their heads' to know more and always their reply is I KNOW ALL I NEED TO KNOW. From time to time they taste the thoughts of people that do break their heads about the Word of Adonai, and they feel great and they even say that it tastes good, but because what they hear have in essence the same basic truth they know, they feel like they are the masters of Scriptures for they know that 'Jesus loves me, yes, I know, for the Bible tells me so' . They feel that they can go on forever eating rough wheat and never bother to make flour out of wheat and to prepare it and make bread and if anyone comes along and challenges them to do more, they are bothered beyond repair.
Yeshua said I am the bread of life, not the wheat of life. Bread doesn't grow on the field, bread is prepared by people. To have Yeshua is not enough to pray the prayer of salvation (whatever that is) but it means to live a life according to His will.
The man in this Moshel wouldn't have died if he continued his whole life to eat wheat, he could have lived his entire life healthy but never enjoying more than that. People that don't search to know more won't burn in hell, but their existence is without any real joy, and by joy I so don't mean the fake smile and the happy clappy Christians that pretend so much that they even pretend that they don't know they pretend their Christianity.

Bat Melech בת מלך

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  1. "and by joy I so don't mean the fake smile and the happy clappy Christians that pretend so much that they even pretend that they don't know they pretend their Christianity."

    You "broke my head" with this one. LOL. I absolutely loved this article:-)Thaks for the Moshel.

    P.S. By the way "break my head" is one of my favourite Romanian expresions.