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Friday, July 9, 2010

Get out of Mitzrayim!

When Israel was in Mitzrayim (Egypt), Adonai commanded them to take a perfect lamb and sacrifice it. Its blood they were supposed to put it on the two side-posts and on the lintel of their houses and they had to eat all of the lamb, without leaving any leftovers. Adonai commanded that they should remember and do this as an eternal law (Shemot/ Exod 12:14), with one small difference: they wouldn't put the blood of the lamb on the two side posts and on the lintel. The blood was a one time thing. The Jews didn't have to put the blood of the lamb on the side posts on every Pesach (Passover), they only had to eat the lamb.
We know that this is a picture of what would happen when Mashiach would come. He is the perfect Lamb of Elohim. When someone is in Mitzrayim (Egypt) and is a slave of sin, they can come out of that only covered by the blood of Mashiach. This covering is done only once because you come out of Egypt only once. If you go back there then you crucify Yeshua again (Hebrews 6:6) and that it's impossible. It was too much for Adonai to watch His Holy Son being killed by sinners and He can't go through that again. Yeshua was glorified above all things and He can't get off His throne and suffer again just because you miss the cucumbers of Egypt (Bamidbar/ Numbers 11:5). If you were set free and got out of Egypt once then it's never an option to go back no matter what! If the Jews that came out of captivity would have returned there, then Adonai would have had to bring all the plagues against Mitzrayim again, they would have had to slain a perfect lamb again, the angel of death would have had to come again, and the entire liberation process would have had to be repeated, and that was impossible. If you couldn't do that with the blood of a lamb, then even less can you do it with the blood of Mashiach.
Once you decided you don't want to be a slave anymore and you took the blood of Yeshua then you must get out of Mitzrayim and never return again. The blood of Yeshua was spilled only once and it's not necessary to be crucified every time one chooses to go back to Egypt.
After the Jews were saved by the blood of the lamb, they had to eat the lamb so they would have strength to walk a long journey out of Egypt. It wasn't enough just to put the blood of the lamb on the side posts of their homes, that was just their ticket out of captivity, but each and every one of them had to go out and start walking on this path that Adonai would show them until they would reach Eretz HaKodesh (Holy Land). If a Jew would have chosen to put the blood on the side posts but would not go out of Egypt the next day, then what would he gain that he was covered by the blood? Same thing with us, if we've been covered by the blood of Yeshua then we must be ready to walk out of Egypt, not just to sit there and thank Him for His blood. What's the point to be covered by the blood if you are still in Egypt? If you've been covered by the blood of Yeshua then you must walk out of captivity, away from sin and never return to it, then you must walk on the path that Adonai will show you. The Jews didn't know the way to Israel, but they were lead there by Adonai as a cloud by day and pillar of fire at night.
We don't know the way to our promised land either but we know the Way and if we stay on it then it can't lead anywhere else but to Adonai.
The Way s not easy so we need to feed ourselves with the Lamb of Elohim so that we won't faint on the way, but even if it happens for us to fall He will lift us up because He's merciful and He values our walk with Him. The main thing is not to go back to Egypt!

Bat Melech בת מלך

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