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Saturday, June 19, 2010

About me

I don't know yet if life is wonderful or life just is. I haven't got to know anything extraordinary, but here's what I know:

I haven't been through pains greater than others and I haven't been rejoicing more than others have. I haven't run nor walked more than others. I cried a lot, but I am sure there are people that cry more than I. I laughed a lot, but I am sure there are people that laugh more than I, so there is nothing special about my tears or my laughter.
I am not tall nor short, I am not a genius but I am not retarded either, I am not pretty nor ugly. I think I could continue for days about how ordinary I am through everything that I appear to be.
But although I haven't made any scientific discovery that would make me more special than others, I found out in all my 28 years on this earth what it's like to live LIFE, what it's like to die and what it feels like to be resurrected.
Although I haven't shook hands with any president nor did I ever meet anyone famous, I shook hands with many, many smiling old people. I've seen the sea only once in my life, but I've seen many mountains. I've been through situations that I could never believe one can experience and still live, but now, when I look back and I know that all those situations that left me with deep scars have turned me in to who I am today. I've lived 19 years without HaShem and it has been too long. I've loved Israel since I didn't know how to love anything else, but that doesn't make me special either, because maybe there are people that love it more (only maybe).
I am not the one that discovered that the earth is round, but I did discover it was made for me. I haven't discovered any of the physics laws, but I did discover on my own that although the gravity can pull a falling object towards it's mass, if the falling object is me, then I can get back up. I am not special in any way, and maybe I don't have the greatest life in history, but I will do everything in my power to live great. I will live as if the Earth revolves around me, because I know that the One that made it revolves around me and even though scientists haven't found out that yet, they still have time.

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Bat Melech בת מלך

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