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Bat Melech בת מלך

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Guardian of every dream I’ve dreamed and every prayer I’ve prayed,
Listener of every word of every promise that I’ve ever made,
Seeker of my heart through every deviation I have strayed,
Mender of my brokenness, don’t let me fade!

You light my way, my King, even in this night
My every step is known to You, I’m always in Your sight
Even when I can’t hold my sword and lose the will to fight,
Reach down once more, Avi (my Father), and be my Knight.

Creator of my peace, see me through this war,
Lion of Yehuda, lift up Your voice and roar,
Let it be known I’m Yours, You made a vow… You swore…
Healer of all my pain, my faith restore!

And I will keep on going without any regrets,
I’ll remind my heart of every kindness it forgets,
I’ll stay on track against all odds and bets,
And I won’t cower when I hear the enemy’s threats.

Submit to me rebellious heart, listen: HaShem is One!
Regardless how you tremble, you will not run!
Pick up your sword even if he has a gun,
Because HaShem is Your shield! The war is won! 

Bat Melech בת מלך
 Cristina כריסטינה

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