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Bat Melech בת מלך

Friday, December 23, 2016


Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” – Bereishit / Genesis 2:18

Somebody made a statement the other day that suicides increase during the holiday season because people feel more depressed, and like a nerd that I refuse to admit I am, I had to check if that is true or not, and it turns out it’s a myth. Still it got me thinking. 

Regardless if the reason is depression, guilt or a philosophical desire to die, in the end people choose to die because they feel alone. They feel like there is no one like them or willing to help them.
It got me thinking about the passage in Bereishit (Genesis) about Adonai declaring that it is not good for man to be alone. And the single people reading this will feel like ‘yeah! I know right?!’ and all the married people will be like, ‘right, because after marriage you’ll never feel alone… stop dreaming!’ 


I know people feel alone whether they are single or in a relationship. It might not be constantly, but even with one’s soul mate it can be lonely sometimes. 

HaShem had showed Adam every creature He had created to inhabit the earth and every bird of the heavens and Adam named them all, but he didn’t name any after himself. Now that might seem like Adam was like a child that was learning to speak and lo and behold, how cute, he was naming all the creatures. No. Adam was an amazing living being. He was brilliant and awesome and Adonai enjoyed talking to him every day. He wasn’t just learning to speak. It’s not like Elohim was teaching him, ‘this is a bear’ and Adam would repeat ‘b…e…a...r…bear’. No, Adam looked at every single thing that God created and was able to recognize their very essence and had named them accordingly. So when he couldn’t find any suited for himself, he had recognized that there was none that shared his essence.
  So Hashem had made Chava (Eve) and had brought her to Adam and Adam took one look at her and called her Ishah (woman) after himself Ish (man). He recognized himself in the woman he had seen.

I have wondered often why Adam didn’t look at Adonai to find similarities in Adonai. That it had never occurred to him, as brilliant as he was, to look at Adonai. He has been made in HaShem’s image and Adam looked in creation for a suitable helper for himself. And Adonai, blessed be His Name forever, never took offense at this. He is so humble that instead of saying ‘Adam, look at Me! I am your helper! Pick Me! Name Me!’ -  He had made Adam someone in his image. And Adam was happy for a while
And Adam sinned and was cast out of Gan HaEden (Garden of Eden) together with his wife. And HaShem didn’t let go even then but instead made a promise of a Savior. He loved man so much that He just couldn’t stay away. It was love that guided His every move from the beginning and it will be love that will guide His every action until the end. And HaMashiach came. Because Adonai loved man so much that He gave Hid precious Son to us so we would never feel alone. So we would look at Him and know that we are loved.
Yeshua has many names in the Scriptures but probably the most beautiful one of them all is Immanuel. Im anachnu El. With us God. God with us. Because it’s not good for man to be alone. 

Bat Melech בת מלך
 Cristina כריסטינה


  1. Am citit cat se poate ajutata de calculator...Dar am prins esenta!Adonai , a trimis pe Isus in lumea noastra , din prea marea Sa dragoste pentru om!"Nu e bine ca omul sa fie singur!"Si cred cu toata taria ca Dumnezeul lui Avram , Isac si Iacov, este un Dumnezeu viu si atotputernic!Slavit sa fie in veci de veci!EL poarta grija fiecaruia!Eu ,si tu nu suntem singuri pe acest pamant, atata vreme cat ne incredem in EL!Iti mai aduci aminte colindul:"Nu mai fi trist, caci pentru tine s-a coborat din stralucire, Emanuel sa iti aduca, Pace in inima...Sunt fericit , chiar daca am lacrimi pe-obraz, Iata secretul:In inima-i Isus,Fericirea-i sa-L ai pe Isus ,Si sa traiesti, Numai cu Isus, Cel din Betleem s-a nascut azi si in inima mea!"Va iubesc si va imbratisez cu mare drag, dorindu-va Sarbatori Fericite!

  2. I loved this blog so very much.

    I experienced both kinds of loneliness you described and what touched me in what you wrote was that perhaps in its essence I felt that way because I did not think Adonai was a suitable helper or if He was, then He was not enough.

    Although I would have never admitted that out loud to myself so I just kept floating about in my loneliness.

    I believe that when He becomes enough loneliness is but a passing thought or feeling followed by "But I always have Him".

    Thank you for you blog. Made me love my given name even more:-)

  3. I am blessed enough to have not one but 2 Emanuel -s in my life. Love you :)

  4. As cheesy as it might sound (I am staying true to myself and all that😊) and not just because it is Cristmakah, both of the Emanuel's in your life are blessed to have you. And the Third EMANUEL simply loves you to bits. And I can absolutely see why He does❤❤❤